President Brooke Hardy

Immediate Past President Joyce Russo Bollenbacher

Vice President Patricia Russo

Orator Eric Frulla

Recording Secretary Barbara Ferg

Corresponding Secretary Jovina Coughlin

Financial Secretary Thomas Bollenbacher

Treasurer Lucy Smith


  • Vacant
  • Ginny Barberi
  • Nancy Colalillo
  • Joseph Del Signore
  • Al Hargis
  • Tami Pecora
  • Mary Resedean

Guard Shirley Cotita

Master of Ceremonies Andy Fricano

Mistress of Ceremonies Dawn Wilson

Past Presidents Gene Valentino, Mark De Nunzio, Pete Resedean


Tod Wilson

Lodge Photographers

Al Lombardi/Shirley Cotita

Public Relations/Webmaster/Newsletter Editor

Jovina Coughlin

Lodge Chaplain

Giovanni Mirra

State & National Officers

State Trustee-Region 1 Thomas Bollenbacher

State Deputy Bill Smith

National Foundation Trustee Mark DeNunzio

Arbitration Commissioners

  • Joyce Bollenbacher
  • Peter Colalillo
  • Mark DeNunzio
  • Barbara Ferg
  • Tod Wilson

Alternate Commissioners

1.  Anne Hargis  2. Paul Pecora  3. Dawn Wilson  4. Lucy Smith 

Buona Fortuna Committees 

Budget: Thomas Bollenbacher, Lucy Smith

Bocce Tournaments: Dawn Wilson, Andy Fricano, Mark De Nunzio, Anne & Al Hargis

Book Club: Jovina Coughlin (Chair) Joyce Bollenbacher, Nancy Colalillo, Barbara Ferg, Vera Fricano, Helga Gunther

ByLaws: Eric Frulla

Charities: Vacant (Chair) Giovanni Mirra, Marsha Mirra, Pete Colalillo, Lucy Smith

Dining Out Socials: Giovanni Mirra

Health/Welfare/Bereavement: Nancy Colalillo (Chair) Emily Altazan

Historian: Vacant

Hospitality: Nancy Colalillo (Chair),  Marsha Mirra

Italian Culture: Giovanni Mirra (Chair), Andy Fricano, Vera Fricano

Membership: Vacant

Merchandise Sales: Lucy Smith

Nominations/Elections: Jovina Coughlin

Scholarship: Joe Del Signore (Chair), Eric Frulla, Giovanni Mirra, Barbara Ferg

Telephone: Lucy Smith

Festa Italiana: Mark DeNunzio/Tod Wilson

Committee Members: 

Mark De Nunzio, Co-Chair
Tod Wilson, Co-Chair
Joyce Bollenbacher
Thomas Bollenbacher
Pete & Nancy Colalillo
Michelle Ledoux
Barbara Ferg
Patricia Russo
Tami Pecora
Paul Pecora
Shirley Cotita
Ingrid Candelaria
Peter & Susan Comer
Giovanni Mirra
Marsha Mirra
Jovina & John Coughlin
Anne & Al Hargis
Dawn Wilson
Jeanette Elwood
Don Taylor
Pete & Mary Resedean
Lucy Smith

Seafood Festival: Mark DeNunzio

Committee Members:

Mark De Nunzio, Chair
Joyce Bollenbacher
Thomas Bollenbacher
Nancy Colalillo
Patricia Russo
Tami Pecora
Paul Pecora
Shirley Cotita
Ingrid Candelaria
Peter & Susan Comer
Giovanni Mirra
Anne & Al Hargis
James Scaminaci
Don Taylor
Pete & Mary Resedean
Lucy Smith