March 2018

President’s Message

President Brooke Hardy

Brothers and Sisters,
It is with great pride and honor that I address you all in my first official President’s Message. I hope to serve you all to the best of my ability, and I promise to work hard to continue to build on the progress we have all made over the last few years. As we move forward together, I encourage your ideas and suggestions about ways we can improve our meetings, build camaraderie, and continue to reach out to our community. Please feel free to contact me directly at brookemhardy@gmail.com with your thoughts. After all, this is your lodge, and I want to support you in making it the best it can be. As such, my first goal as President is to make our meetings more efficient. By doing this, I hope to make them more enjoyable overall. Part of this will include running meetings according to Robert’s Rules of Order and re-orienting the membership about how we conduct motions and voting. I also plan to better orient new members regarding our procedures. If we are able to make meetings more efficient, perhaps we will have more time to incorporate other activities into our meetings, such as wine tastings or short language lessons. We should be able to conduct our necessary business and also have some fun. Thank you for placing your trust in me. I am excited about what we can achieve together.

Best Regards,
President BrookeInstallation Dinner 2010 058

Membership Information

General Membership Meetings are held the second Thursday of every month at 6:00 p.m. at St. Joseph’s Parish Hall, 140 W. Government St. Pensacola.

Our next General Membership Meeting is:

Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 6 p.m. at St. Joseph’s Parish Center. A business meeting will follow at 7:00 p.m. Please bring a potluck dish to share and a non-perishable food donation or toiletries/hygiene products to the meeting for our donation to the Manna Pantry.

2018 Dues must be paid by the end of this month or you will no longer be a member of Buona Fortuna.

If you cannot attend the meeting, you may mail a check made out to Buona Fortuna Lodge #2835 for $45 to Buona Fortuna Lodge #2835, P.O. Box 12351, Pensacola, FL 32591.

Council Meetings

First Thursday of every month at 6:00 p.m at Franco’s Italian Restaurant.

Grand Lodge Quarterly Meetings

Friday / Saturday, April 6th, 7th, 2018, Embassy Suites, Westshore Rd. Tampa, Florida, Hosted by La Nuova Sicilia Unita Lodge

Friday / Saturday, June 29th, 30th, 2018, Embassy Suites, Boca Raton

Friday / Saturday, September 28th, 29th, 2018, Four Points Sheraton, Punta Gorda,Hosted by Port Charlotte Lodge

Meeting Set Up/Clean Up Committee:

We need all the members attending a meeting to help clean up after the meeting. 


If you have a charity that you would like supported by Buona Fortuna, please contact Michele Ledoux for the procedures.

Lodge Committees

The current list of committees are located in this newsletter, just under the council, state & national list of officers. Buona Fortuna needs your participation. If you would like to join a committer, please contact President Hardy.

Dates For Upcoming Events:

You can also visit our website calendar for all the year’s events at https://soibuonafortuna.org/home/buona-fortuna-calendar/

Dining Out With Giovanni 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018; 6:00 p.m. at Carrabba’s Italian Grill. Please RSVP to Giovanni at john.mirra@att.net

St. Joseph’s Altar

Sunday, March 18 at St. Joseph’s Parish Center, 1:00 P.M. All members are invited for a meatless celebration that includes Shrimp Scampi prepared by Dr. Mark De Nunzio, soup, salads and desserts. Please bring a photo of a loved one who has passed away for placement on the altar and a donation for the St. Joseph’s Clinic.

Lodge News

New Members Inducted in February

Megan Flake and Thomas Cacciatore

Spotlight On Members Who Volunteer In The Community

Giovanni Mirra coordinated another successful Job Fair at Navarre High School in February. Much planning goes into preparing for this event and Giovanni sends out hundreds of letters to businesses inviting them to participate. Giovanni said that “when students are able to talk with employers in a comfortable setting, it helps in their effort to make a good impression and land a job”. Giovanni always follows up and notes that last year 150 students were able to get a job through the job fair process. He is looking forward to the number being higher this year.

Dear Members: If you volunteer in the community, please let me know, so I can share your experience in the next newsletter.

Thank you. Editor.

2018-2020 Buona Fortuna Council

2018 Installation Ceremony

The installation of the newly elected officers for the 2018-2020 term was held at Franco’s Italian Restaurant on February 17, 2018. Fifty members attended the ceremony and enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared and served beautifully by the restaurant.  
You can view all the photos from the celebration at https://soibuonafortuna.org/home/2-special-events/

The 2018-2020 Officers of Buona Fortuna are:

President Brooke Hardy

Immediate Past President Joyce Russo Bollenbacher

Vice President Patricia Russo

Orator Eric Frulla

Recording Secretary Barbara Ferg

Corresponding Secretary Jovina Coughlin

Financial Secretary Thomas Bollenbacher

Treasurer Lucy Smith


Phyllis Alles
Ginny Barberi
Nancy Colalillo
Joseph Del Signore
Al Hargis
Tami Pecora
Mary Resedean

Guard Shirley Cotita

Master of Ceremonies Andy Fricano

Mistress of Ceremonies Dawn Wilson



Chances are you’ve read or heard of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels. The Ferrante novels have been popular since My Brilliant Friend was published in 2011. In fact, Book 1 of the novel series is being read this month by the Buona Fortuna Book Club Members.

The novel and its three successors follow the story of two friends, Lila and the narrator Elena, who were born in a poor neighborhood in Naples in the 1950s. The two grow up, get married, start careers and have children, as their friendship waxes and wanes through the decades. The books are an in-depth account of a female friendship that also includes their educational experiences, ambitions, marriages, motherhood and loves as seen through their eyes.

The books are being adapted for television by HBO and are scheduled for a 2018 release date. The series is reported to have 32 episodes. This means each book will likely get a total of eight episodes. The adaption will be shot in Italy, in Italian (with English subtitles), starring Italian actors and written by a team of Italian writers — so it will surely stay true to the story’s essential Italian roots. The setting is a critical part of the novels  along with infusing the plot with Italian culture and politics.

Elena Ferrante is helping to write the script. Ferrante is an extremely private person who writes under a pseudonym, so that means no one knows the real name of the author of the Neapolitan Novels. However, she spoke to the New York Times recently about her participation in the adaptation. “For now, my contribution to the set design is limited to a few notes on whether they look right,” she said. “As far as the collaboration on the script, I don’t write, I don’t have the technical skills to do it, but I am reading the texts and send detailed notes. I still don’t know if they will take them into account. It is very likely that my notes will be used later on, in the writing of the final draft.”

So far, many of the choices made for this adaptation seem to be promising a successful transition from print to screen. However, a couple of issues may cause concern.

First is the obvious fact that there are always pitfalls involved in trying to capture the magic of the written word on-screen. No real person will ever match the image that a reader may have formed in their mind. This is because the written word often leaves much to the reader’s imagination. The other issue of concern: Why isn’t a woman directing My Brilliant Friend? The series is being directed by Saverio Costanzo, an accomplished Italian director. But, is he likely to understand the feminist point of view as much as a female director would. This seems to be a missed opportunity to allow a woman to head up a project that is about women.

On a less critical note: If the series brings more readers to the Ferrante novels or it brings Italy, the characters, the story and its themes to people who would never know about them, then it will be a success.



Armando Varricchio Italian Ambassador to the United States

Italy gave the Tuskegee Airmen a home. Now an Italian corporation hopes to make its home in Alabama for what could be a transformational project.

Italian Ambassador Armando Varricchio visited Moton Field in Tuskegee in February, touring the training home of the celebrated World War II fighter pilots. Along with Varricchio was William Lynn III, CEO of Leonardo DRS, the North American arm of the Italian aeronautics and defense contractors.

The company plans to build the T-100 trainer jet for the U.S. Air Force at Tuskegee. But that’s if the U.S. Air Force awards the contract for the project to them. Company officials believe that decision will come this summer.

Varricchio, who had never before visited Alabama prior to this visit, came away impressed by Tuskegee, saying it is “perfectly matched and equipped to host a state-of-the-art new facility.” He also praised local and state officials for their “determination, readiness and eagerness in building on the historic tradition of bonds between Italy and this part of the United States.”

State and local officials for more than a year have stressed the importance of the Leonardo project to the region. The company plans a manufacturing facility with 750 workers at the site with an initial investment of $200 million to $250 million. The company would build 350 of the jets over an estimated 20 years. The jet would replace a 50-year-old trainer jet now in use.

Varricchio said the importance for Italy is also crucial. “Leonardo DRS is one of the largest companies (in Italy) and very engaged in research and development,” he said. “Working for the U.S. Air Force for my country would be very important. We are strong partners, we are strong allies in many fields, and we are engaged in many important operations overseas, and being able to share technology and new products is very important.”

Leonardo DRS CEO William Lynn said getting the contract and locating in Tuskegee would be “game changing” for his company. “It establishes us at a new level and a different sphere,” Lynn said. “We have a training aircraft that’s been in the international market, but bringing it here would expand and solidify our role. To bring that technology here would be fabulous.”

Tuskegee Mayor Tony Haygood said he was encouraged by Varricchio’s visit, demonstrating that if Leonardo comes to Tuskegee, it will be part of the community. “He was very open, and positive,” he said. “The energy was great. We felt the warmth.”

Haygood also said the project would allow the community to draw not only on the example of the Tuskegee Airmen, but on the heritage of Tuskegee University and the figures who have written the area’s history. “It could immediately launch us from a community that’s challenged economically, but thriving and setting an example and bringing others along,” he said. “It’s always been a story of Tuskegee doing what couldn’t be done. If you tell us what needs to be done, and give us a fair chance, we’ll do what needs to be done.”


Buona Fortuna 2835 Lodge Officers

President Brooke Hardy

Immediate Past President Joyce Russo Bollenbacher

Vice President Patricia Russo

Orator Eric Frulla

Recording Secretary Barbara Ferg

Corresponding Secretary Jovina Coughlin

Financial Secretary Thomas Bollenbacher

Treasurer Lucy Smith


Phyllis Alles, Ginny Barberi, Nancy Colalillo, Joseph Del Signore, Al Hargis, Tami Pecora, Mary Resedean

Guard Shirley Cotita

Mistress of Ceremonies Dawn Wilson

Master of Ceremonies Andy Fricano

Past Presidents Gene Valentino, Mark De Nunzio, Pete Resedean

Herald  Tod Wilson

Public Relations/Webmaster/Newsletter Editor: Jovina Coughlin

Lodge Chaplain  Giovanni Mirra

Lodge Photographers: Al Lombardi/Shirley Cotita

State & National Officers

State Trustee-Region 1 Thomas Bollenbacher
State Deputy Bill Smith
National Foundation Trustee Mark DeNunzio
Arbitration Commissioners

Joyce Bollenbacher, Peter Colalillo, Mark De Nunzio, Barbara Ferg, Tod Wilson

 Alternate Commissioners
 1.  Anne Hargis, 2. Paul Pecora, 3. Dawn Wilson, 4. Lucy Smith, 5. Phyllis Alles
Buona Fortuna Committee Volunteers

Budget: ThomasBollenbacher, Lucy Smith, Joyce Bollenbacher

Bocce Tournaments: Dawn Wilson, Andy Fricano, Mark De Nunzio, Anne & Al Hargis

ByLaws: Eric Frulla

Charities: Michele Ledoux (Chair) Marsha Mirra, Frank Pesce, Pete Colalillo, Phyllis Alles

Dining Out Socials: Giovanni Mirra, Vicki Dvorak

Health/Welfare/Bereavement: Nancy Colalillo (Chair) Frank Pesce, Emily Altazan

Historian: Vacant

Hospitality: Nancy Colalillo (Chair),  Marsha Mirra, Phyllis Alles

Italian Culture: Vicki Dvorak, Andy Fricano, Vera Fricano

Membership: Thomas Bollenbacher, Emily Altazan

Merchandise Sales: Phyllis Alles, Patricia Bowman

Nominations/Elections: Jovina Coughlin

Scholarship: Joe Del Signore (Chair), Eric Frulla, Catherine Hendren, Giovanni Mirra, Barbara Ferg

Telephone: Susie Argeris

Festa Italiana: Mark DeNunzio/Tod Wilson

Committee Members: 

Joyce Bollenbacher Thomas Bollenbacher Pete & Nancy Colalillo Michelle Ledoux Patricia Bowman Bob Bowman Barbara Ferg Joe & Joan Cembrola Patricia Russo Tami Pecora Paul Pecora Shirley Cotita Ingrid Candelaria Peter & Susan Comer Giovanni Mirra Marsha Mirra
Jovina & John Coughlin Anne & Al Hargis Dawn Wilson Jeanette Elwood Don Taylor Pete & Mary Resedean

Seafood Festival: Mark DeNunzio

Committee Members:

Joyce Bollenbacher Thomas Bollenbacher Patricia Bowman Bob Bowman Nancy Colalillo Patricia Russo Tami Pecora Paul Pecora Shirley Cotita
Joe & Joan Cembrola Ingrid Candelaria Peter & Susan Comer Giovanni Mirra Anne & Al Hargis James Scaminaci Don Taylor Pete & Mary Resedean 

Contact Information:

Sons of Italy – Buona Fortuna Lodge #2835. P.O. Box 12351, Pensacola, FL 32591

Webmaster/Editor – Jovina Coughlin – jovinacoughlin@gmail.com

Website Address: https://soibuonafortuna.org/

The first page (Home) has all the pages on the website listed across the top. Some of the pages have a drop down menu. If you hold the cursor over the page name, you will see the other pages that are in that menu. 

Buona Fortuna Email System

Our email address is buona-fortuna@googlegroups.com

Please check your spam filter and make sure Buona Fortuna sent emails are not going there. Add us to your address book and that will not happen.

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Twitter:   https://twitter.com/BuonaFortunaSon

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/buona.f/


Remember Those Who Are Ill

Patricia Bowman

Shirley Cotita

Bob Bowman

March Birthdays

Piera Brooks
Carmella Buckels
Robert Catone
Brenda Ceccarossi
Peter Comer
Teresa Paul
Paula Rosasco
Patricia Russo
Donald Taylor
Gene Terrezza
Walt Viglienzone

Italian Cookbook For Sale

Preserving Our Italian Heritage. Cost per book $15.00. Great gift for Birthdays, Weddings, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter and Christmas. 

Grand Lodge 2018 Calendar For Sale

Calendars are available to purchase and cost $50 for the year. The calendar program is part of the Cash Three Evening Florida Lottery Program. Prizes range from $100.00 to Special Holiday prizes for up to $1000.00. The calendars make great gifts for relatives and friends.

See Patricia Bowman at the General Membership meeting to purchase a calendar. Checks should be made out to the Grand Lodge of Florida.

Newsletter Article Deadline

The newsletter is published monthly on the first day of the month. The deadline to submit information is the 30th or 31st day of the previous month. Submit all information to Editor:  jovinacoughlin@gmail.com

Newsletter Ads

Members’ Personal Ads for Selling Consumer Goods cost $3.00 per month. Business Ads cost $36.00 for 12 months and are payable each January. Email a copy of your business card information or your personal ad information and a photo of the item you are selling to jovinacoughlin@gmail.com. Please make the check payable to Buona Fortuna Lodge and mail it to Buona Fortuna Lodge #2835. P.O. Box 12351, Pensacola, FL 32591.

Community Business Ads






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The Drowsy Poet Coffee Company


“Best Cup of Coffee on the Coast!”

86 Brent Ln, Pensacola, Florida 32503

  (850) 696-2887     


Buona Fortuna another great Italian- American Success”                                                                                          

 “Compliments Bill and Chieko Zuppa”

Diplomate, American Board of Endodontics
Mark S. DeNunzio, D.D.S
Carpenter’s Creek Professional Offices 611 N Davis Highway, Building B Pensacola,
Florida 32504 (850) 474-0565 Email: denunziodds@yahoo.com



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